About Me

When I started this blog I was a 3rd year Immunology PhD student with a year to go and was in the process of deciding whether or not that year was worth it. Two months later I decided that, for me, the answer to that question was no. I started a job as a medical writer and I’m writing up my PhD project as an MPhil thesis.

If it sounds like I’m talking to myself, I am a little bit. As the tagline says – this is my form of self-administered therapy. Also, I may be a writer by trade, but this is just for fun, so typos/incorrect punctuation/dodgy grammar/made up words all make the cut here. If you have ended up here reading this, and you think it’s complete rubbish and that you’ve wasted precious minutes of your life that you will never get back, then I can only apologise.

There might be other stuff in here too. I’m not really sure yet.

I also tweet at LittleMissTcell


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, I read your blog about medical writing. I am a Phd student just wrapping up wanting to move into medical writing/science writing. Is there anyway you could enlighten me on this career change.

    Riddhi Shah
    Duke University

  2. Hey miss, just wanted to say congrats on the new job. I quitted my PhD 2 years ago and still have a hard time to accept it. I just thought I should have looked for something different, but back then I was seriously not going well. Well, I got an amazing position against PhD and postdoc holders and can’t complain now… I would love to send you an email, but don’t want to post my personal email here. Cheers

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