Frustrated to elated: PhD student to medical writer

I haven’t posted on this for such a very long time so I’m doing a bit of an off-the-cuff update here. The airport brings the writing out in me. A cheeky prosecco in the airport bar definitely seems to help. Mainly though, I think it comes down to me feeling like I need to look like I’m doing grown-up things on my iPad with all these business types around. That’s the problem with iPads – everyone can see exactly what you’re doing on this big screen!

So what does happen when you quit (your PhD that is)? Well for me, things have gotten better. A lot better. Obviously, every situation is unique, but it’s been more than 6 months for me and when I think back to the PhD days it’s like looking at one of those pictures where it’s the same place but rainy and grey on one side and all blue skies on the other. Same person, different outlook. So, so different.

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